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The American Animal Cruelty Investigations School (AACIS) is a training and curriculum development institution that specializes in animal control officer training training law enforcement and animal care and control professionals.  Our primary focus is training agencies how to conduct thorough, professional investigations from start to finish.  Our hands-on, scenario-based training, led by industry professionals, provides the best training available in the United States. and animal cruelty investigation training for law enforcement and animal control professionals.

Our reputation for excellence is why more and more agencies prefer to use AACIS instructors and curriculum for their animal control officer training and animal cruelty investigation training needs.  Why? Because AACIS is the only institution that takes a deeper, comprehensive approach to investigation training.  Officers leave our program with a thorough understanding of how to conduct an investigation because the spend their training time in a hands-on environment.

Animal Cruelty Investigations Training Courses

Animal cruelty investigation training and animal control officer training is our area of expertise! Our instructors have decades of real-world experience conducting countless criminal investigations involving crimes against animals. Our cruelty investigations are broken up into four main areas of training:

  • Canine and Feline Investigations
  • Equine Investigations
  • Livestock Investigations
  • Exotics and Reptile Investigations

Each of these animal cruelty investigation training programs are 40-hour courses for a total of 160 hours of focused training on animal knowledge, constitutional law, investigative technique, field operations, crime scene processing, report writing, and much more. We also offer a comprehensive, state-specific animal control officer training curriculum for most states in the U.S.

Animal Control Officer Certification Courses

AACIS also provides animal control officer training and certification courses ranging from a basic 40-hour course to a 270-hour certified humane investigator course.  The 270-hour course is the most comprehensive certification course available in the United States as is combines the animal control officer training curriculum and animal cruelty investigation training curriculum together. Our animal control officer certification classes include:

  • Basic Animal Control Officer Certification
  • Advanced Animal Control Officer Certification
  • Tactical Animal Control Officer Certification
  • Animal Control Field Training Officer Certification

Our instructional staff includes law enforcement, animal control, state prosecutors, and veterinary experts who have decades of experience in their field of expertise.

Field Operations Training Classes

AACIS has several field operations training classes that are second-to-none when it comes to quality, detail, and depth of instruction. These courses provide animal control officers with certifications that give officers the resources, tools, and training to serve the public as professionals. In addition to protecting officers from dangerous animals, these courses also help protect officers from civil liability by providing documented, professional training for each certification.

  • Chemical Capture and Immobilization Certification
  • Infrared Thermometry Certification
  • Bite Stick Certification
  • Oleoresin Capsicum Spray Certification

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American Animal Cruelty Investigations School (AACIS)

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