AACIS To Provide $150,000 of Training Scholarships in 2019

American Animal Cruelty Investigations School (AACIS)
AACIS Scholarships will help officers receive training in animal cruelty investigations.

The American Animal Cruelty Investigations School has approved $150,000 in training scholarships that will be awarded across the United States in 2019.  The goal of the scholarships is to promote officer training in the field of animal cruelty investigations.  The training is centered around conducting thorough, professional investigations of incidents involving dangerous dogs, intentional cruelty, neglectful cruelty, hoarding, dogfighting, cockfighting, and other relevant topics.  While not currently included in the scholarship program, flexibility to include certification training in chemical immobilization, bite stick, O.C. spray, and infrared thermometry is also being considered.  All scholarship funds will originate directly from AACIS.

The vision right now is to have state animal control agencies and law enforcement agencies reach out to AACIS and help identify the specific needs for that state.  From there, the scholarships can be tailored to meet specific needs for each state.  AACIS plans to begin talking with state agencies in late August or early September this year.  Additionally, the scholarships issued in 2019 will be valid for any training conducted until December 31, 2020.

State animal control associations that are interested in obtaining additional information about the AACIS scholarship program should contact AACIS at 850 898-0011.

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