Advanced Animal Control Officer

Advanced Animal Control Officer Certification

Course Description

The Advanced Animal Control Officer Certification course is a forty (40) hour course designed for veteran officers seeking advanced training and officers seeking state-mandated training requirements.  The course is comprised of lectures, hands-on training activities, and student presentations/discussions.

Course Topics

This course utilizes lectures from the core training blocks (CTB) of the American Animal Cruelty Investigations School’s Training Curriculum.  The required lectures are appropriately weighted in their respective CTBs as required for all ACO certifications.

Training Block A: Animal Control Officer Knowledge

  • Advanced interview skills and techniques
  • Case file development
  • Court preparation and presentation

Training Block B:  Animal Knowledge

  • Fundamental equine and livestock knowledge
  • Fundamental avian knowledge
  • Fundamental exotics and reptile knowledge

Training Block C: Field Operations

  • Mass animal removals
  • Crime scene processing
  • Livestock capture and handling

Training Block D:  Veterinary Forensics

  • Blunt and sharp force trauma
  • Gun shot wounds
  • Electrical and burn injuries

Training Block E: Investigations

  • Hoarding and mass animal removal
  • Dogfighting profiles
  • Dangerous dog investigations

Prerequisite Courses

Students must have taken and passed the AACIS Basic Animal Control Officer Certification course prior to attending the Advanced Animal Control Officer Certification course.

Completion Standards

Students must attend all lectures and pass a written exam with a score of 75% or higher.  The exam is in multiple choice format and students have two-hours to complete the exam.  Students are advised to study from the


Students successfully passing this course will receive the following certificates with registered certificate numbers:

  • Advanced Animal Control Officer
  • Internal Parasite Identification
  • External Parasite Identification
  • Basic Animal First Aid

Certified Humane Investigator Credit

This course qualifies as the second and final 40-hour block towards the Advanced Animal Control Officer certification.  This course also counts towards the 270-hour AACIS Certified Humane Investigator certification.

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