Animal Control Field Training Officer

American Animal Cruelty Investigations School (AACIS) Animal Control Officer Certification. Doug Eddins

Animal Control Field Training Officer Certification

Course Description

The Animal Control Field Training Officer (FTO) Certification course is a forty (40) hour course designed to provide officers seeking an FTO certification the training, resources, and curriculum to be an effective field training officer. The course is comprised of lectures, hands-on training activities, and student presentations/discussions.

Course Topics

This course utilizes lectures from the core training blocks (CTBs) of the American Animal Cruelty Investigations School’s Training Curriculum.  The required lectures are appropriately weighted in their respective CTBs as required for all ACO certifications.

Training Block A: Human Behavior

  • Personality types
  • Human nature and motivation
  • Human factors that inhibit learning

Training Block B: Learning Styles

  • Learning theory
  • Perception, acquiring knowledge, and domains of learning
  • Thorndike laws of learning

Training Block C: Teaching Styles

  • Essential teaching skills
  • Training delivery methods
  • Scenario-based training, critiques, and assessments

Training Block D: AACIS FTO Curriculum

  • Overview and training schedule
  • Objective officer assessments
  • Remedial training and documentation

Course Prerequisites and Restrictions

Students must possess an animal control officer certification and have at least two-years of verifiable animal control experience.

Completion Standards

Students must attend all lectures, participate in all hands-on activities and scenario-based training, and pass a written exam with a score of 75% or higher.


Students successfully passing this course will receive the following AACIS certifications:

  • Animal Control Field Training Officer

Training Credits and Limitations

This course does not count towards any other AACIS certification course. There are no current limitations on the course with the exception of the restrictions described under the Course Prerequisites and Restrictions of this page.