Wanted: Infrared Thermometry Instructors

The American Animal Cruelty Investigations School (AACIS) is looking for experienced animal control and law enforcement officers who are interested in joining the AACIS instructional team for our Infrared Thermometry (IRT) Certification course. Due to the increase in demand for this training, AACIS is looking to add 1-4 instructors per state depending on the size of the state.  By adding instructors, AACIS will be able to provide IRT training much faster to agencies in need and keep the expense of training to a minimum.

Selected instructors will have the ability to teach the Infrared Thermometry Certification course locally in their own town or throughout their state if they wish.

What AACIS is looking for in an instructor:

  • Professional appearance and attitude
  • Excellent public speaking skills
  • Experience in the capacity as an instructor
  • Animal control and/or law enforcement experience

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, reach out to AACIS at 850 898-0011.

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